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View through the window of Bayards Cove Fort towards the mouth of the River DartPhotograph: Jeff Gynane

Historical Accuracy aims to guide the reader, by way of a consistent, reader-friendly framework, to an appreciation of the great castles of the British Isles. It does not intend, nor claim, to provide anything other than well-produced and informative studies. Contributors to the website, where possible, are directed to achieve the greatest possible historical accuracy upon submissions. They should already be aware of the value of good and true content, however, they might not necessarily be qualified historians and, occasionally, some inaccuracies may appear.

Much of the information contained within British Castle has been
searched, collated and rewritten from that which already exists on the Internet, but there are many sources, some factually sound, others less so. In the effort to add good value it is a practice that facts* are confirmed by, at least, two sources, and preference is given to those obtained via official channels such as castle owners and relevant historical agencies. Information from other websites is considered in this context before being added to an article. Where possible, respected reference books, scholarly journals and original materials are utilized.

* The retelling of history is often no more than an interpretation. Whether it be Chinese whisper, a bit of mischief or just a plain old lie we can never really be sure of events from the past. But read between the factual lines, add a bit of imagination, and the truth will likely jump out the page at you. Still, a good historian will employ any number of tools and tests in the search for the actual facts. Similarly, we at British Castle strive to do so. All pages on this site are subject to continuous fact-checking and maintenance. Please let us know of any inaccuracies.