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The original Belfast Castle no longer exists. Built by the Normans, possibly a John De Courcy, in the latter part of the 12th century, the original castle was located in what is now Belfast City Centre. A new castle was built upon the same site in 1611 by Sir Arthur Chichester, gifted the Castle of Belfast and surrounding lands a few years earlier by James the First. In 1708 this castle was destroyed by fire and never rebuilt.

The Cat Garden on the Belfast Castle grounds

Photo: CWMGary

The most recent Belfast Castle is now situated in the north of the city on Cave Hill affording great panoramic views of the city and Belfast Lough. Completed in 1870 the new castle, said also to be a fine and stately

mansion, was built by the third Marquee of Donegall, a descendant of Sir Arthur Chichester.

Evening, Belfast City Centre

Photo: Elgol

Today, the castle is available for functions, including conferences, and weddings. Please visit the castle’s website for further information.

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