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Castles in Argyll

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Castle Stalker
Castle Stalker Castle Stalker, or Stalcaire in Gaelic, is a stocky stone keep on an island in Loch Laich, part of Loch Linnhe, and is overlooked by the small town of Portnacroish. The island itself is thought to be one of the hundreds of prehistoric crannogs found throughout the lochs of Scotland: small man-made islands set apart from the mainland affording protection and safety from attack.
Doune Castle
Doune Castle Doune Castle was built in the late 1300’s by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, brother to King Robert III of Scotland. It is believed that the castle may have been erected on the site of a previous fortification, since the name derives from dun meaning fort. This conclusion is reinforced by the remnants of prehistoric earthworks that have been found in the area around the castle. Although Doune was never completed to the original plan, it was built to last and is considered among the best-preserved medieval castles in Scotland.
Kilchurn Castle
Stirling Castle
Stirling Castle Perched on top of a volcanic rock overlooking the River Forth, Stirling Castle is one of the most impressive castles in Scotland.
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