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Deal Castle
Dover Castle
Dover Castle Stunning, strategic, and rich in over 2000 years of history, the fortification overlooking the Straits of Dover, the shortest crossing between England and the continent of Europe, is a mixture of design elements from the Iron Age all the way to World War II. Visitors to the site can view prehistoric earthworks, a Roman lighthouse, a Saxon church, a rectangular Norman keep, medieval concentric defences, Henry VIII’s Moat Bulwark, and secret tunnels constructed during World War II. Dover Castle has weathered many storms, serving as Guardian of England from its perch above the White Cliffs.
Eynsford Castle
Hever Castle
Hever Castle Hever Castle, in the village of Hever, in Kent, is probably best known as the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.
Leeds Castle
Leeds Castle Leeds Castle stands on 2 islands in a lake along the River Len approximately 4 miles outside of Maidstone in Kent. It is a medieval fortress, classed as one of the loveliest castles in the world, and takes its name from a 9th century Saxon nobleman, Ledian, who constructed the first wooden fortress on the site in 857.
Rochester Castle
Rochester Castle Rochester Castle was one of the first English castles to be rebuilt in stone. It is located on Medway River along with Rochester Cathedral, at times referred to as its twin. There had been a Roman fort in the area though there is little evidence of these original buildings. What remains today is one of the best-preserved and grandest example of Norman castles in the British Isles.
Upnor Castle
Upnor Castle Upnor Castle is an evocative example of an Elizabethan artillery fort. It was begun in 1559, designed by Sir Richard Lee. The castle stands on the bank of the Medway River and was constructed to protect the moored warships. It differs from typical castle design largely through its need to serve in a military naval capacity. A triangular water bastion, facing the river, fronts a rectangular structure which served as living quarters. On either side the defences are protected by the North and South Towers.
Walmer Castle
Walmer Castle Think about the medieval world. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Swords, wenches and of course, castles. What would we give to live in one of those castles, with their strength, intrigue and mystique? Though much of the medieval world has disappeared under the sands of time, thereby giving a free hand to the movies to rewrite history as they deem fit, there are some artefacts of the old world that teach us and tell us about the life and times of our forefathers. There are certain real castles which have stood the test of time to give us an idea of the life then. Think about it, modern buildings need to be restored within ten or twenty years, and these castles have been there for years together.
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