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Craigmillar Castle
Craigmillar Castle The oldest part of the Castle of Craigmillar still standing was built sometime during the late medieval period. Constructed upon a crag of rock on the crown of a hill is a fine example of a traditional scottish keep. Built by an important Scottish family of the period, the Prestons, an L-shaped tower rises from the base of the 20 foot scarp to a height of 90 feet. It comprised four storeys consisting a lobby and large basement on the ground floor, lower loft and guard chamber on the first, great hall, kitchen and closet on the second floor and, on the upper floor, upper loft and chamber . Within the roof was a further chamber. Little evidence exists as to a precise age for the tower.
Crichton Castle
Dirleton Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle sits on top of a great shoulder of volcanic rock formed about 350 million years ago. Shored up on three sides by cliffs which make access to the castle almost impossible unless approached from the east, historically these natural features have made the castle and Castle Rock on which it stands an ideal place for resistance and defence.
Hailes Castle
The Palace of Holyroodhouse
1128 According to legend King David 1st was attacked by a stag whilst hunting in grounds now known as Holyrood Park. He saw a cross (or rood) between the antlers, and believed this to represent a relic of the true cross which was said to be in the possession of his mother, Queen Margaret. That night, in a dream, a voice told him to build an Augustinian monastery on the spot where the stag had appeared.
Although now in ruins, parts of the original abbey founded by David can still be seen today.
Linlithgow Palace
Linlithgow Palace Records tell of a royal castle and surrounding farm lands having been gifted by David I, 1124-1153, to the Canons of Holyrood Abbey. This castle, or more likely, mansion house, served protection to a town and church at Linlithgow.
Tantallon Castle
Tantallon Castle At its peak, Tantallon was one of the strongest fortifications in Scotland. It is still impressive and awe-inspiring even though large portions of it have been severely damaged. It is located in East-Lothian, 2 miles east of North Berwick, with high cliffs on three sides looking out to the North Sea.
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