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Historical Timeline

  • 557
    St Ninian comes to Dunnottar
  • 900
    King Donald II killed in battle with Viking raiding parties
  • 1276
    First chapel built and consecrated on the island
  • 1296
    William Wallace traps English soldiers in the chapel and sets fire to it
  • 1390
    First stone tower built on the island
  • 1394
    Pope Benedict XIII revokes Keith’s excommunication in return for donations to the church
  • 1649
    Charles I executed
  • 1650
    Charles II crowned King of Scotland and England
  • 1685
    Covenanters imprisoned for refusing to recognise the king as their spiritual leader
  • 1716
    The Earl Marischal loses his lands and title for backing the Jacobite cause
  • 1925
    Castle bought by the Cowdray family
Dunottar castle, one of the most dramatic landscapes in Scotland. Here Zeffirelli chose to film part of his version of the Hamlet.

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